Ways to Get Involved

We would love for you to be part of the Carry 117 movement.
Thank you in advance for joining the fight to preserve families in Korah, Ethiopia, by empowering at-risk women. You are a hero.


Purchase & wear our product.

Our ministry depends on people purchasing the product! It helps a lot when you buy a bag! Become a walking billboard! Not only can fashion express who you are, but it can also represent what you stand for! We hope wearing our product will start conversations about our ministry. Post pictures on social media and include our hashtag, #Carry117.


Join a #117Trip

The meaning of the bag always increases when you know the ladies who made it. It makes a difference when you know what their voice sounds like, their smile looks like and who their children are. We love when people come to our compound to meet the ladies, play with their children and have an actual real-life experience with our organization. If you are here in Addis with a different organization, stop by!


Become our Ambassador

You may not have any money or be allowed to travel all the way to Ethiopia, but you do have a voice. Your voice matters. Use it to tell our story in whatever that looks and sounds like for you. Whether through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can find ways to connect with us, as well as share information with your friends and family. It’s the easiest way to spread the word, as well as to stay connected.



Host a Carry 117 House Party with your friends and family! COMING AUGUST 2018


Help us find places to sell our products.

Our products are often sold at local festivals, businesses, school spirit stores and churches. Tell them our story. Show them our products. Connect them to us!


Become a College Campus Rep!

Why not do your class project on Carry 117? Tell your school club about Carry 117. Learn as much as you can about our organization so you can share about it when you have the chance.


Become a stop on the #117Tour

Once a year, Henok, our Founder & CEO does a tour around the USA to share about Ethiopian culture, and Carry 117.  He speaks at schools, churches, businesses, and clubs. He speaks to adults, teenagers, and kids! He can tailor the information to the group he is speaking to.  Contact us to find out how you can be part of that tour!



Never underestimate the power of prayer. Please pray for our leadership both on the Ethiopian side and the USA side. Pray for the ladies and their children - for their health and education. Pray for favor with the Ethiopian government. Lastly, please pray for progress and protection.



We have been blessed with extremely generous donors and wouldn’t be where we are as a ministry today without them. They have provided us with what we need to continue expanding. Examples of ways we have used the donated money: sewing machines, a vehicle, a generator, practice materials, hiring and training additional women, the feeding program, the outreach program, specific sewing machine parts, paint and plaster for the walls, etc. If you want to financially donate or organize a fundraiser, we would be grateful.

It’s awesome to see how the products change or are updated so quickly. It’s cool to see how the ladies’ skills have grown from start to finish.



Westminster, Maryland

I. Love. This. Ministry. I love the way they are employing and empowering women. I love the heart they have for Addis and Ethiopia. I absolutely LOVE their products! Carry 117 is an organization I will continue to support, and I am so excited to see where they are going.



Atlanta, Georgia