Henok Berhanu

Founder & CEO

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About Henok

Henok was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and graduated from Addis Ababa University with a Business and Economics degree with a focus in Public Administration and Development Management. Although he was not raised in Korah, he has been serving there since 2009 and has developed a deep love for the community. So much so that he decided in early 2014 to start Carry 117.

Being raised by a young, single mom who wasn’t given the opportunity to receive an education, Henok vividly remembers how hard it was for his mother to provide for him. “My mother is so strong. I don’t know how she did it,” Henok shares. That was his motivation for starting Carry 117. He wants to help single mothers and widows raise their children without the struggle to provide. Henok passionately believes nobody should be treated like they aren’t worthy, are dirty, or don’t belong. Nobody should be left hungry, on the street, or feeling invisible. Although he knows he can’t help everybody, the need is so vast and he has chosen to pour himself into the lives of his staff at Carry 117. He lives by a quote from one of his favorite pastors, Andy Stanley, “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”

Henok is very aware that he cannot do this on his own and has been blessed with a team of volunteer staff and donors who have helped his dreams of starting a ministry that empowers women in an effort to prevent more orphans come true. Henok visits the USA once a year to speak to businesses, churches, clubs, and schools about Ethiopian culture and how they can be involved in Carry 117. In addition to Carry 117, Henok co-owns a guesthouse called The Light House Guest House, serves as a translator for foreigners all over the world, and has one of the most contagious laughs on the planet.


Ashley Bohinc

USA Executive Director

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

About Ashley

Ashley Bohinc serves as the USA Director of Carry 117, and has been serving in Ethiopia since 2009. Besides being Henok’s biggest encourager and strategist partner, she is responsible for the USA Staff, the annual 117 Tour, the annual 117 Trip, and all inquires about partnering with Carry 117. She is also a national advocate and speaker for our organization.

Ashley also has a heart for the local church and teenagers. She serves as the Director of Middle School Strategy at Orange, is the co-host of The Think Orange Podcast, a panelist on the Rethinking Youth Ministry Podcast, and co-authored The Art of Group Talk. She also communicates in the middle school environments at North Point Ministries. She’s worked with students in public education, athletic, and ministry settings since 2005. Ashley is most passionate about resourcing the local church, thinking through strategy, communicating onstage, developing leaders, working with students, and mobilizing others to engage in world missions.

In her downtime, you’ll find her watching Friends, cheering on the Cleveland Cavaliers, traveling, reading, or on one of her Fairytale Friday Adventures.

To learn more about Ashley visit ashleybohinc.com


Yoseph Yisma

COO at Carry 117

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About Yoseph

Yoseph Yisma, also known as Yosi,is a Bible-based and Spirit-led teacher who has a proven testimony from the church and educational institutes. He has devoted his entire life to teaching the scripture so that people can renew their mind and transform their lives into the likeness of Christ. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Addis Ababa University and Bachelor of Theology from Evangelical Theological College. He is currently working on his second degree in theology at Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology. Because of Yosi’s impeccable character, heart for ministry, and aligned vision, he became Carry 117’s COO. Yosi is engaged to “the most beautiful, smartest, and kindest woman in the entire universe, Meron Endale.”


Keith & Jessica Kotrla

Founder of Steadfast Mission: Stateside Non-Profit Partner of Carry 117

Houston, Texas, USA

About Keith & Jessica

In 2013, Keith, Jessica and their three kids had the privilege of living and working in Ethiopia for six months. It was an eye-opening, life changing time where they saw firsthand the struggles and challenges of not only the people in Korah, but of operating a ministry in Ethiopia. It was here that they worked with Henok on a daily basis. In addition to forming a close relationship, they were able to see his heart for the women of Korah. Upon their return to the States, they continued to work alongside Henok and help in whatever way they could from their new home in Houston, Texas.

From the time Henok started Carry 117, their non-profit organization (Steadfast Mission) has been instrumental, acting as the “middle man” between Carry 117 and those who want to support it from the USA.

Keith is a design engineer. Jessica is a former teacher/guidance counselor and now teaches their children at home.


Mindy & Lindsey Campbell

Product Distribution Champions

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

About Mindy & Lindsey

One of our favorite team members to brag on is this adorable mother/daughter duo from Westminster, Maryland. A few years ago, Mindy (the mother) and current 11th grader Lindsey (the daughter) went on a short-term trip to Ethiopia. Lindsey had heard her small group leader talk about Ethiopia for years, and she wanted to go experience it herself. In fact, she tirelessly worked for two years to raise her funds by making scarves and selling them.

Mindy and Lindsey fell in love with the country, culture and Carry 117. Specifically, they were changed by hearing the testimony of two of the ladies who work at Carry 117, Alem and Misikir. When they returned home, they wanted to find a way to stay involved. Together, they decided to graciously turn their basement into a Carry 117 warehouse. They have been a blessing to our ministry. They are incredibly organized and are passionate about the inventory “looking pretty on their shelves.” They dominate spreadsheets, packaging bags to ship and helping manage the Etsy store and Facebook page. Mindy and Lindsey are willing to jump in and take more responsibility in the ministry whenever they get a chance. We are incredibly thankful for this duo. Carry 117 wouldn’t be able to operate without them.

Mindy works as a Senior Accounting Manager, and Lindsey wants to be an elementary teacher when she grows up.

Ann Rae Keel pic

Ann Rae Keel

USA Staff

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

About Ann Rae

Ann Rae Keel lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her two puppies—Korah and Addi. Ann Rae is a CPA at a local technology consulting company and also coaches girl’s varsity lacrosse. Ann Rae first fell in love with Ethiopia during her first mission trip to Addis Ababa in 2012 and immediately wanted to get more connected and involved. After that, she lived in Ethiopia for six months to volunteer with Carry 117 and has been back over seven times to visit. Ann Rae has been part of Carry 117 since the very beginning and is convinced that empowering women changes lives—and not just the life of the woman who is employed but the lives and future of her whole family. Some of Ann Rae’s favorite memories from her time in Ethiopia are with the women of Carry 117—laughing till they cried, sharing meals together, singing, and working on making beautiful bags. In her free time, Ann Rae enjoys hiking with her dogs, working on her house, cooking, reading, and spending time with close friends and family.


Mercy Gebrysus

Ethiopian Staff

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About Mercy

Mercy is a gifted networker and saleswoman! We are thankful she uses her gifts to land us tables at the bazars in Addis and many other opportunities within local businesses in the city. You will always find her in cute clothes and shoes, sporting a trendy hair style and matching lipstick. She always looks like she just walked out of a magazine.

We like to think of Mercy as a walking billboard and model for our products. In addition to her Carry 117 responsibilities, she works at an adorable art gallery in Kassanchze, called DinQ (meaning “rare” or “unique”). DinQ carries a variety of Ethiopian handicrafts and artwork. It’s a really neat place!!!

Charlie Kumpf pic

Charlie Kumpf

USA Staff

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

About Charlie

Charlie Kumpf has been going on trips around the world since he was in high school. In 2014, he travelled to Ethiopia for the first time and fell in love with its culture and people. After seeing the Carry 117 compound for the first time and spending time with Henok and the women there, Charlie wanted to find a way to become part of the team. As a member of the USA team, Charlie does whatever needs to be done to help support Carry 117—whether that is picking up Henok from the airport, helping plan for the 117 trips, or counting and labeling products. Charlie helps lead the facilities team at Gwinnett Church. He loves fixing anything he can get his hands on and building custom furniture and art pieces for his clients. He also loves serving with and developing students in the local church.

Megan Bohinc

Megan Bohinc

USA Staff

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

About Megan

Megan lives in Atlanta, GA and currently works as an accessibility specialist at Emory University. She is also a licensed counselor in both Ohio and Georgia, focusing on trauma and attachment therapy for kids in foster care or adoptive situations. Megan attends Gwinnett Church where she volunteers as a middle school and women’s small group leader and also helps lead parent/child mission trips to various countries around the world.

Megan has been serving in Ethiopia since 2010 and always says that’s where her heart is most. She serves on the Carry 117 USA staff as the Campus Rep Director and one of the Carry 117 Mission Trip leaders. Megan strongly believes and encourages everyone to experience new countries and cultures because it gives them a bigger perspective of a God who loves the whole world.

In her free time, she enjoys decorating and remodeling her home to look like a home on HGTV, DIY projects, bootcamp, reading, and dreaming of the day when she gets a puppy.


Joshua & Brooke Bohinc

Business Coach & Writer/Editor

Columbus, Ohio, USA

About Joshua & Brooke

Josh and Brooke Bohinc live with their two children in Columbus, Ohio and serve on the Carry 117 USA team. Josh is passionate about research and finances. He schedules regular time to talk with Henok and review the financial side of Carry 117. Brooke owns her own business as a part-time freelance writer and editor, called Brooke Ellen, Inc., and edits the content for the Carry 117 website and blogs. Both got involved in Carry 117 after meeting Henok during one of his visits to the USA and getting to know his heart and mission more for Carry 117 more intimately. They love supporting an organization that’s heart is for women and children.


Katie Lawyer

Social Media Lead & Photographer

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

About Katie

Katie is 18 years old, a senior in high school, and lives right outside of Baltimore, Maryland. She started her photography business, K Grace Photography, at the beginning of her freshmen year of high school. She began her journey as a family photographer but has now made a shift toward weddings and senior portraits. Katie has a passion for photography, and she believes in capturing the precious moments in life. Katie traveled to Ethiopia in August of 2015. She immediately fell in love with the country and the people but, more specifically, Carry 117. Katie knew after that trip that she wanted to get more involved with the organization. She is now the official Carry 117 Photographer. You can find her laying out products, styling bags, and much more. Most recently, she was a part of the first ever “117 Trip” where she took all the trip photos. After her experience, Katie decided that she also wanted to assist Carry 117 with their social media handles. Katie loves managing her business’ social media, so she was excited for the opportunity to help lead Carry 117’s.


Jessica Hatmaker

USA Project Manager & Assistant to USA Director

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

About Jessica

Jessica has served as the USA Project Manager & Assistant to the USA Director of Carry 117 since 2017. Her interest to serve in Ethiopia was ignited in 2010 and has only grown since, participating in the first 117 Trip and pouring herself into her roles with Carry 117. Experiencing the country and culture firsthand while spending time with the Ethiopian staff at Carry 117 has only deepened her love for the organization and elevated her motivation to serve.

Jessica is currently a full-time student studying education. She works as a substitute teacher and is part of the XP3 Social Media and Middle School teams at Orange. She also enjoys a seriously good cup of coffee, exploring the magic of scented candles, and dreams of a world where Lucky Charms are available anytime and anywhere.


Demesie Ketema

Ethiopian Staff

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About Demis

Demis Ketema was born in Shewa Robit, which is about four hours from the capital. He came to the city six years ago when he was 16 to look for a better opportunity. He began working at construction sites in order to send himself to school. Demis met our founder Henok while he was working as a guard at the Light House Guest House. Demis not only continues to serve as the guard at the guesthouse, but he was promoted to Carry 117 staff a few months ago. On staff, he does all the material purchasing in Merkato market for Carry 117 and transports it to Korah. In addition to working on his education, he is also currently in driving school so he will be able to do his job more efficiently. Demis also serves as Henok’s personal assistant. Henok describes Demis as the hardest working, most humble, and loyal person he has ever met. Demis is always wanting to grow and become a better person. Demis wants to keep working hard and become part of the management team at Carry 117 in the future.

Jeremy Adams

Jeremy Adams

USA Staff

West Plains, Missouri, USA

About Jeremy


Jes & Sean O'Kelley

USA Project Manager & Website Developer

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

About Jes & Sean

Jes and Sean are a married couple from Woodstock, Georgia. They originally connected with Carry 117 through their involvement at Woodstock City Church and North Point Community Church. They immediately fell in love with the mission of Carry 117 and were blessed with the opportunity to serve on the first Carry 117 Trip in December 2017.

Sean and Jes have two sons, Graeme (4) and Drake (1). Jes is an assistant principal at a virtual high school, and Sean is in digital marketing for a toy company. Together, they enjoy serving at church, working on home-improvement projects, and sharing large bowls of queso.


Adam & Nicole Hunsicker

Writer/Designer & Event Coordinator

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

About Adam & Nicole

Adam and Nicole live in Baltimore, Maryland with their two amazing boys, Carson and Brody. Adam is Teaching and Discipleship Coordinator at LifePoint Church, and Nicole teaches kindergarten in the local school system.

To Adam, everything comes down to stories. He loves reading them, hearing them, writing them, and telling them. His work and hobbies usually have something to do with communicating a story. This, combined with a passion for seeing others lifted up, has fueled his involvement with Carry 117. (Well, that and copious amounts of coffee.)

When she’s not teaching her twenty or so students at school or loving on her boys at home, Nicole loves to read, hand letter, and volunteer at church through service hosting and leading a high school small group. Her ability to plan an event is a gift to Carry 117 as she helps anyone who wants to host a table sale or event sale get what’s needed. She loves Cadbury Cream Eggs and hopes to one day have a pet manatee.


Janelle & Tyler Johnson

USA Staff

Riverside, California, USA

About Janelle & Tyler

Tyler and Janelle are newlyweds who live in Riverside, CA. They have been married for 6 months as of March 2018, and they are so excited for their life of ministry together.

Tyler and Janelle went with us on our first #117Trip—it was also their first trip together— and it is because of this trip that they decided as a couple to move forward with their dedication to our mission here at Carry 117.


Joe & Ali Freudenthal

USA Staff

Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

About Joe & Ali

Want to get involved?

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